Stay Ready Physical Therapy

What does Stay Ready Physical Therapy have to offer to Brik Fitness?

Stay Ready is a manual therapy clinic that specializes in the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of orthopedic pathologies of the musculoskeletal system (the body’s ability to provide form, support, movement, and stability).  They focus on all aspects of rehabilitation, from the initial stages of patient education and acute care, to the gradual re-introduction of functional and sports specific activities.

Stay Ready treats a wide variety of pathologies, primarily orthopedic in nature, however not limited to that.  These pathologies can originate from trauma, posture dysfunction, muscle imbalance, nerve entrapments, overuse (arthritis), surgery, etc.

Stay Ready Physical Therapy, alongside Brik Fitness and its team of experts, will be the ultimate stepping stone to becoming a stronger, healthier, fitter YOU.

Currently, Stay Ready Physical Therapy is onsite on Wednesdays and Fridays, but will be increasing its days and hours very soon.

Before visiting Stay Ready, please consider the following questions:

- Are you having pain?
- Are you experiencing muscle tension/tightness?
- Do you feel that lack of mobility is affecting your workouts?
- Would you like to improve your overall posture?

What does Stay Ready Physical Therapy offer:

Free consultation/assessment with a doctor of physical therapy to diagnose, answer any questions, and identify ways in which we can help.

A very thorough posture and movement assessment of the entire body.  Also, exercise prescription to help fix any and all asymmetries that have been identified.

Manual therapy- sports massage/active release therapy to:
Relax muscles
Lengthen muscles
Decrease muscle pain/soreness

All of Stay Ready’s services can be covered by your PPO insurance!  - As a courtesy to clients, they will verify your insurance benefits and inform you on precise coverage.

For more information about Stay Ready Physical Therapy and its services, please read below and visit stayreadypt.com.


Stay Ready Physical Therapy