Moving Pain-Free


Brik fitness programs help me build myself back without pain and to work with proper form, that is critical for me and in this point I am back being within half percent of my body fat and being about 5lbs of my playing weight and playing
condition and I couldn’t be any happier I feel better and I move better.
-Kevin B.
2-time Olympian

Jerry B

From beginning to end, BRIK Fitness does it right. I’ve worked out since I was 16 and am now 66. No fitness club/gym I’ve ever worked out in has taken this much interest in my overall fitness. The staff is extremely well trained and they have
vast practical experience as well. Workout sessions are challenging and intense but tailored to each client. Your progress is closely monitored and you are given new programs as you reach specific goals. Here at BRIK, you experience a mix of strength and cardio exercises differing from those offered at any other gym I have ever attended. The staff is very supportive and the atmosphere is upbeat. I never thought I would ever stop going to a conventional gym with weight equipment, but I now attend BRIK Fitness 3 days weekly. Those workouts continue to be ever challenging and extremely rewarding! I once told a fellow member, “I’m going get a T-shirt that says, I survived the BRIK warm-up”!
Kudos to a job well done BRIK, Keep it up!
-Jerry B.

Evan M

I was prepared to hire Brian away from Mark Wahlberg, lucky for me and the South Bay. His expertise on real fitness and fluid body movement is available to the public. Imagine your body moving in harmony and pain free!!Believe in better for yourself, I’m a believer in BRIK!
-Evan M.


Brikfitness helped me rehabilitate my knee injury and my shoulder injury, I am stronger than ever and it showed in my volleyball not only that I’ve lost about 15lbs  since I started a year ago and lost inches. - Val. R


I Love BRIK Fitness! The trainers know their stuff and have gotten me in the best shape of my life. The staff are so friendly and the members have become family. #BRIK4Life - -Chris C.


I’ve been working out at Brik fitness since it opened doing semi-private training twice a week. I had chronic back pain for 25 years and now it’s mostly gone. I look and feel great!  -Anthony B.