Fat Loss


I’ve really appreciated every workout at Brik Fitness. Whether I’m on a streak or hopping back on after some time off, I’m stronger then I was a year ago. Thanks to Brik Fitness I’m very sure that exercise will be part of my life for now on.
-UJJwala D.


I am empowered at BRIK! The coaches guide me with my programs and love mastering them!” – Tammy Tyler


BRIK Fitness has changed my life in so many positive ways! Being strong, fit and lean, are now some of my core values. BRIK has helped me realize these. Thanks BRIK for everything!
-Suzanne B.


I have found encouragement, support and love at BRIK! It is a place like no other…From staff to clients it is a place to run to when feeling down or happy! Thank you all for your love!
-Rhonda H

kandis w

I love my BRIK body. I love my BRIK Family. I am strong , healthy and Happier because of BRIK Fitness. In the 2 years I have been following BRIK training methods. I have lost 30lbs and 10% of Body Fat. I am never going back. BRIK life
forever. -Kandis W.


Although there are many wonderful things about Brik Fitness, I think my favorite has been Classic Hip Hop Friday Semi-privates with my good friend Charleen and our incredible trainer Megan. The lyrics above represent my motivation when doing the millions of squats Megan and Brian include in my workouts. Additionally, the team aspect of Brik helps to motivate me to hold myself accountable and put all my effort into the workout. I was an athlete when I was younger and have been looking for this kind of workout since. Brik exceeds that expectation for me. It has become a routine and ritual that is an important part of my day and my week.-Dana W.


I started the Brik Fitness workouts 4 years ago and have not looked back.  I was not trying to lose any weight, just wanted to be healthy, but in the process I have lost 17 pounds and kept it off.  Not only does Brik teach you how to exercise they also teach you how and what to eat.  This is not a diet, but a life style now.
I started with the classes and they are FUN. The thing I love most about the classes is that it changes from day to day and month to month so you never get bored.  You workout as a group and it’s amazing how much more you can accomplish as a team.  I now workout a couple of days a week on a program that was designed just for me.  It’s challenging to say the least, but I’m also so much stronger for it and stronger than I ever thought possible. I think of Brik as the “Cheers” of the fitness world because when you walk through the doors they always greet you by name (“where everybody knows your
name, and you’re always glad you came..”) -Corinne I.


The great thing about BRIK Fitness is that if you’ve had no experience in the realm of fitness, life myself. They are there for you at every step, helping you reach your goals. Whether it be showing you new workouts and variations or giving you nutrition tips. The encouragement and support I have gotten from the BRIK family has been truly amazing. Within my first month, I was able to physically see my body transform and I felt better than I ever have before! -Jessica R.


You guys are amazing! I love coming here and you have helped me change my life, so far, I’ve lost 100lbs and counting. Thank you Brik Fitness!  -Joann J.