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What is Fit in 42?

Fit in 42 is an all-encompassing, life-changing program.  It’s a program designed to take an individual and assist them in reaching their health and fitness goals.  In this process, the participants will not only undergo a physical transformation but a mental one as well. To reach your full physical potential, one must also be in the correct state of mind.

Fit in 42 was created to break people of their bad, harmful habits (many of them cultivated over a lifetime) and replace them with a new, healthier regimen.  As we all know, it takes 21 days to make (or break) a habit.  Once we’ve crossed that 21-day threshold, we spend the next 21 days emphasizing and reinforcing these new habits.  We ingrain the new meal plan, exercise, and a positive outlook on life into every individual.  We accomplish this by incorporating our N.E.X.T. principles:  Nutrition, Exercise, EXperience, & Transformation.


Each one of our 42’ers (nickname for our participants,) follows a meal plan comprised of nutritional, natural foods.  Our meal plan was created to rid people of processed foods, sugar, gluten and chemical additives.


Fit in 42 is six days a week (mandatory attendance to at least one class per day.  Typically, we do a Monday-Saturday schedule. Monday – Friday has group classes held 3 times per day.  Each class has 1-3 trainers providing exercise modifications, aiding in correcting form during exercises, and supporting and motivating the 42’ers.  Saturday offers one class option in the morning.  Without the option of 3 classes that day, the Saturday workout is a much larger class; however, it often has a slightly different format, enabling all 42’ers to work together, and often get to know other participants that work out at different time(s) of the day than they might normally work out.   It helps to further develop the group camaraderie & enthusiasm.

Our workouts are designed to increase work capacity through density training. Each week is progressive.  Our workouts are designed to increase the work capacity of each participants by varying the time under tension and rest between each exercise.  Week after week, the participants show an increasing awareness of their growing strength and stamina.


Our market consists of people who know they need to exercise, but don’t LIKE to exercise.  They failed to reach their goals with a membership because they felt intimidated, lost, and had no moral support from the people working at these gyms.  Our object became clear:  How do we make exercise tolerable, or perhaps, even FUN?  What elements from other markets can we add to create an environment that is different from the gyms they had attended before?


When you take nutritional advice, add a smart exercise program, and give people a memorable experience, the transformation happens. Transformation means so much more than just the results achieved on the scale. Through 42 days of diet, exercise and accountability we’ve instilled life change through habit change. That is the transformation!

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